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Fall 2023 Undergraduate Semester Honors Courses

This page contains schedule data for the University of New Haven's fall 2023 semester.

The following are undergraduate-level Honors courses.

*Online learning may occur at any time, depending on how the University may determine classes are best taught under any circumstance. All courses, including selected labs, practicals, project-based, and clinical courses may require limited, additional meeting times to accommodate accreditation, regulatory, and similar requirements and students will be advised about this at the beginning of those classes.*

Course Modality Definitions
Courses are available in a variety of different modalities (delivery formats), as defined below. Students can see a course’s specific modality in Self-Service Banner (SSB), by using the “Look Up Classes” function. Please read carefully before selecting your courses. Students should select the class delivery mode that will best meet their needs. Changes to the method of delivery within a course are not available.

  • Hybrid: Students attend in-person for half of the scheduled course time and the other half of the class content is available online. Half the content is delivered in person (you must attend on these days) and the other content is delivered asynchronously. Hybrid courses do not have a fully remote attendance option.
  • Online asynchronous (ONLI): Fully online asynchronous course with no live, required class sessions.
  • Remote synchronous (ONLI with specific meeting time): Fully online synchronous course where students attend virtually at the assigned class time. Students should plan to be available during that time for synchronous online learning.
  • Flex: Some of the students attend each class session in-person and others attend virtually at the same time. Flex courses do not have a fully remote attendance option.
  • On-Ground: Fully on-ground course with every student meeting in-person.
  • Clinical/Laboratory: Practical courses that have an on-ground required component.

For course descriptions, please visit our Academic Catalog and select the appropriate student type (undergraduate or graduate) in the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

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