New Resident Assistant Application Spring 2014

University of New Haven
Office of Residential Life
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Please note that one of your references should be a UNH Faculty or Staff Member. The other reference should be someone who knows you in a supervisory or advisory role.
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New RA Short Essay Questions *
Your responses to these questions should be as long as you feel they need to be in order to clearly communicate your ideas. As always, please proofread your responses for spelling and grammar.   Instructions for copy/paste
1. How would you describe the role of a Resident Assistant? What qualities do you think a great Resident Assistant should have? Why are you applying for this opportunity at this time?
2. Explain, in detail, any past or current leadership experiences that you have had and how those experiences would contribute to your ability to serve as a role model on campus as a Resident Assistant. What do you expect to gain from the RA experience?
3. What skills and experiences would you bring to the position that would help you build community at UNH? How would you work to build on those skills to enhance the residential living community at UNH? (These experiences can be from jobs, volunteer work, study abroad, or other leadership positions)
4. Describe your experience interacting with individuals from diverse groups. Explain what you learned from these experiences and how this has influenced the way you interact with others (consider culture, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, socio-economic status, etc).
5. List all other commitments (campus organizations, work, etc.) and the amount of time per week you expect to allocate for each. How do you envision the RA position will affect your lifestyle? How much time do you see yourself putting into the RA position?
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I,      , hereby certify that all information submitted in the application and selection process in my own work, factually true, and honestly presented. Any misrepresentation of my facts may constitute a cause for non-appointment or dismissal.
I,      , hereby authorize and consent to the release of my records which shall include my GPA, major, confirmaiton of enrollment, and conduct status at the University fo New Haven for the purpose of verifying my qualifications for the position of Resident Assistant.
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